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With more customers to our credit, Rendu Design has its place in offering its customers the chance to stand out from the competition with designs tailored to the market requirements. When you’re dealing with the professionals of Rendu Design for creating your print editions or on your website, you increase your chances to enhance your business credibility.

Department of Graphic Design

Starting from the scratch
Rendu Design offers a graphic service at competitive price of $25 per hour. This service is available whether you want to do the printing of business cards, promotional cartons, advertising pages, or you have no ‘’ Design ‘’ created previously.

Variation Service
It can, if you’ve had your design, you wanted to do some changes ( such as a telephone number or a name business card, ect...). Note that on Rendu Design, you pay only for time actually worked, because we charge our work on the half hour. So, if the changes take only 30 minutes ... You’re winning ! And this special price applies when making changes to your existing website. However, if you have multiple changes to your website, we will make all the changes to a flat rate. Contact us.

Reproduction graphic design company with whom you do business closed its doors? Or you’ve simply lost files from your design or your logo? Made In Design, we are able to make an exact reproduction in vector format from your paper documents or images of low resolution. In addition to keeping a backup of your project graphics on our computer server, we give you a CD containing all your final files to the end of your project.

Visual Identity (Logo)
The logo is one of the most important when you decide to give an image for your business. It is an essential element of your business visibility. This same logo that gives an accurate picture of what you are and what you do as professionals. Be aware that this logo will appear on all documents in your company. So you must be certain that it will answer all your criteria for commercial visibility and this for several years.

Websites (Internet)

The internet website has become nowadays a must for any company, association or event whether small or large. Available worldwide 24/24hours, 7/7 days, your website is an effective advertising tool and inexpensive. Several types of websites are available to you. Then : make the right choice according to your needs, your means and according to the feature you want to find. Ask Rendu Design which type of website suits you best !


When your website is created, you must find a reliable hosting company to host your site to make it accessible on the web. Since we know that you do not have the time or knowledge to perform the placement of your site in a host, we offer you to do it for you. However, if your site is hosted by a competing company, we will gladly offer you our support.

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Internet domain name

Your Internet domain name (the name of your company on the Internet) is very important since this trade name of your company is the first Internet contact between the visitor and your website business on the web. The Internet domain name of your company is an address (URL) that only allows access to your business on the web. ( example : A careful consideration on your part is required before the purchase of your domain name. Therefore, web designers of Rendu Design are here to advise you in your acquisition of domain name. We recommend the services of the largest international seller of Internet domain name: GoDaddy. This provider allows you to manage safe and very effective site for your company. GoDaddy offers a highly reliable technical support and various packages are extremely affordable. We recommend GoDaddy without hesitation.

For more information on our web services : Contact us.

Publicity - Advertising

Web Banner

A banner ad is an advertisement placed directly on other websites with related topic with your own website. This advertising will help you target your customers and also to quickly increase traffic your website in addition to market your corporate identity. Note that the size and weight of your banner must meet standards provided by the advertiser. Therefore we ask to know in advance the standards to be certain that your ads will be displayed after its conception.

The animated web banners have the quality to be visible as they are constantly in motion (maximum 30 seconds in some cases). The eye is more sensitive to movements, you will increase your chances of being seen not mention that you can put more information than in a fixed banner.

Splash screen

The animated introduction is generally intended to be placed at the beginning of your website and allows the promotion of a product, service or event. Thanks to the following, each of your guests will know about your latest promotions. The whole is ‘’ lively’’ and never lasts more than 30 seconds and may contain music. The introduction may be easily inserted and/or removed from your existing site web.


Business Cards

The cards give the most important information about your company, they have all the details of your company and they are not heavy to transport. When you meet people for the first time, there is nothing better then give one of your business cards so that the person can at any time join you if she ever needs yours services. The more you leave traces of your company, the more likely you are to have new customers. Generally, we find on a business card the company logo, name of the person and their contact information as well as a brief description of services offered.


The advertising boards are generally used by companies to highlight certain features of it. Often used to advertise an event, opening a store promotion, we compare the cardboard advertising as a business card with a surplus of information. Cardboard advertising is generally distributed at strategic locations via Canada Post and has a lifetime rather short.

Letter Paper and Envelopes

Show your customers that your company is professional in your paper with your letter and envelopes. In addition to being esthetically beautiful, you save time during your daily mailings.

Brochures or pamphlets

Brochure and pamphlets are often used to provide details to the reader about the company and its services and/or products. Perfect to say what you do not always have time to say, they are frequently used as a memory aid, for these documents may contain lots of information such as price list, descriptions products, road maps etc... In short, we could compare these types of documents to a website in print.

Poster and Banners

Make sure you are way off with posters and banners of quality. Whether an event or to decorate your booth at the conference, large format posters are ideal to convey a short and precise message without being in direct communication with the customer.